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About Us

Accounting is one of the important segment required for any business, and no one organization can ignore its utility in strengthening success factor. If you also belong to the category of specific group i.e. small or medium size businesses, then no doubt, you would be clear about the fact, that how crucial the account management is for enhancing stability of their business.

Nowadays, US businesses are showing their dependency on various account management platforms like Netsuite, LOGIC account, zoho books, QuickBooks, xero, etc. Which software will be suitable for you business, and which source is reliable to get valuable bookkeeping related assistance? This question keeps striking again & again in mind of business owners.  WizAccounting is the place to get answer of all accounting & bookkeeping related questions.

How Selection of bookkeeping software time to time?

We have a team of passionate accounting experts and intellectual business consultants. Their deep know how, and smart business skills help business representatives to take smart accounting decisions all favorable for their future of their business.

The selection of right accounting software for a particular business enterprise depends on various factors like industry type, business size, ownership, geography etc. When it comes to discuss the percentage of bookkeeping software users in countries like US and Canada, QuickBooks, freshbooks and xero have been at the top. The major driving force of WizAccounting is the pool of knowledgeable accounting professionals. Being a responsible bookkeeping consultant company, we seek our success factor in providing right knowledge at right time.

Why Accuracy is must in Bookkeeping nowadays?

Money is the most valuable asset that should be managed optimally to let any business run smoothly. How and from where the money has come, and what are the appropriate sources for investment to give maximum benefits. In short, “A right cash flow management is the key to feasible accounting.”. Gone are the days when business owners needed to hire a personal accountant and manage a whole lot of bookkeeping data in personal registers. Today, the market is getting more & more competitive, so is the requirement of a solid bookkeeping platform to allow accuracy. As discussed above, various software tools are solving accounting complexities & making the bookkeeping an easy process to manage.

If you’re running solopreneurship firm, or a startup business with a goal of long-term sustainability, then give bookkeeping responsibility to new age account management software. And why not, They’re doing great! Burden of calculation, all complexities & fear of errors will be reduced to zero. The only thing which becomes important is to keep in touch with bookkeeping experts to know tactics of using software programs optimally.

How We at WizAccounting simplify bookkeeping?

If you want to know us better, a quick phone call at our toll-free number will be enough. The interaction will quite productive & helpful for you. The professionals are ready to elaborate pros & cons of QuickBooks and other software quickly & productively. Listed below are some most frequently asked questions answered by our professionals:

  • What are the parameters to choose compatible accounting software?
  • What strategies can optimize the financial management?
  • How efficiently you can protect your bookkeeping data from external thefts?
  • What is the procedure to estimate & process revenues, taxes, expenses and financial gains associated with the company?
  • How to get in touch with latest features & updates in accounting software?
  • What are the trending bookkeeping methodologies & how can they be introduced in the business?

 Some issues associated with the accounting software handled by our end are discussed ahead

  • Software installation error, its causes & resolution
  • Technical assistance on major accounting assets like payroll, point of sale, bills, taxes, bookkeeping reports etc.
  • Data damage recovery, backup & restoration support
  • The software doesn’t work properly
  • Any particular data or file is not accessible and many more.

 Our Priorities/ Objective 

  • Significance of quality is understood to each & every team member sitting aside. We never compromise in quality, & offering genuine assistance to end customers is what that means a lot to us.
  • We believe in teamwork, cooperation, mutual trust, understanding and transparency.
  • Seek clients’ convenience and offering procedural assistance as per best of their convenience