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QuickBooks Enterprise Support-What is Advanced Inventory & Enhanced Sales Order Fulfillment in Enterprise?

In this technically modernized, globally organized and professionally active world, no small business can see forth its future in absence of a trusted software for account management. QuickBooks has done a lot for the welfare of small businesses by providing feasible accounting solutions.

Discussing some measurable introductions of QuickBooks Enterprise will be a very exciting moment for us. The advanced desktop enterprise version of QuickBooks is now working as an ERP system for medium scale businesses. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise different from a pro, premier & online versions as it has more capacity and capability than any else.

If you want to get acquainted with new prices & features, then you are free to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support team. However, here we are focusing on describing new features of QB desktop enterprise which are available on enterprise accountant and platinum editions. These features are available as part of the new & improved advanced inventory module.

Enhanced Sales order fulfillment feature allows office in making plans which sales orders should be fulfilled by selecting those orders to be taken from the updated sales order fulfillment worksheet mentioned here in the image:

QuickBooks Enterprise

How advanced inventory add-on differs from standard inventory features?

Older QuickBooks enterprise versions have sophisticated inventory management tools due to which tracking, counting and reporting on accounting commodities makes easier.  After activation of advanced inventory add-on, the inventory management can be enhanced. Based on the following differential features, one can decide how advanced inventory features differ from standard features:

Standard Inventory Features Advanced Inventory Features
Inventory center Multiple location tracking Tracking of items from multiple locations; managing reorders on the basis of location or transferring inventory between locations
Unit of measure conversion
Enhanced inventory receiving Tacking of lot number Submitting serial numbers during sale, purchase or transfer.

No extra data entry

Track parts by lots along with assemblies & subassemblies

Unit of measure conversion
BOM( bill of material cost tracking) Inventory costing based on FIFO First in first out costing approach to managing inventory
Backorder functioning on invoices, sales orders, purchase orders etc.
Advanced pricing control features Barcode scanning Without a keyboard, the accuracy of inventory goods can be maintained.
Large BOM(bill of material): view, report print
Cost & sales management Bin location tracking Items of specific bin location within warehouses at different places can be tracked

Mobile picking through android device:

Picker is assigned the request by back office team for requesting the potential order that is likely to be fulfilled.

QuickBooks Enterprise

After that, the confirmation of picked order & its status for ready for shipment is given by picker.

At last, all sales orders in QuickBooks will be updated with the most current status

QuickBooks Enterprise Sales order

Mobile Barcode Scanning: For maintaining accuracy, the barcode scanning feature can be used by a compatible mobile device for scanning picked items.

How barcode scanning completely reduces the paperwork?

  • All kinds of errors which are likely to occur due to paperwork will now be eradicated with the introduction of barcode scanner. Most often figured out errors are inaccurate unit counts, SKUs not matching, and some human errors.
  • Managers are able to send electronic orders to pickers on a floor with mobile barcode scanning.
  • A user can avail real-time data from the inventory. It will help users to make productive business decisions.
  • Now barcode scanning feature enables users to empower pickers & sales personnel in accomplishing their tasks comparatively faster than others
  • Bluetooth scanner on android phone user can streamline receiving inventory by scanning items

In conclusion, we can say that the enterprise version of QuickBooks brings forth feasible accounting solutions for medium-size enterprises.  To have a better solution to all minor to major issues, you can get feasible assistance giving a ring at toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number now.