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If you are holding ownership of any business where you have to receive goods for storage in inventory, then you need to sell them as wholesale or retail. Go ahead with the discussion to Integrate FishBowl Inventory In QuickBooks is going to be a right topic in which you might be interested in.  The purpose of FishBowl creation is to integrate it with QuickBooks to manage inventory and related operations in small and medium-size businesses.

However, QB being a great accounting package takes care of clients’ business needs efficiently. And in certain points where it lacks sufficiency are overcome by third party integration programs. In a way to bring improvement in QuickBooks’ advanced inventory, as a regular user of accounting software, you would be wondering why wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers will feel motivated after having a look at third-party inventory solution.

Quickbooks + FishBowl

The market of QuickBooks’ parent company Intuit is, however, fledged with more than fifty third-party inventory management programs. Growing product based manufacturers & distributors while using the accounting software sometimes get frustrated owing to the limitations of advanced inventory solution. Let’s discuss the pain points of users:

  • Users are not clear if they are making money
  • Want to track inventory
  • No exact knowledge of inventory
  • No exact evaluation of the place where a particular inventory is saved
  • Who can be the profit giving audience
  • What product can give more profit etc?

Several companies came into association with QB in order to solve inventory issues via third-party programs, but Fishbowl inventory has been found more effective in this. In absence of FishBowl, people have to perform inventory management manually using spreadsheets. Manual process can be automated by FishBowl that automates everything from receiving to inventory management. A smart integration of FishBowl with QuickBooks ties back all things with financial info so as your accounts are kept up to date.

Accounting Configuration Wizard

Before Getting Started, to Make Integration Simple with QuickBooks, You Need to Check Certain Tips Given Below:

  • Ensure that you have FishBowl server & client installed on the server
  • Ensure QB is hosted & installed on the same server
  • Set up the user in QB named as Fishbowl which has access ability to all areas
  • Login FishBowl client on the server computer
  • Next login QB which is to be integrated with Fishbowl
  • Important: It is essential for you to log in as Admin in single user mode!
  • Select Yes allow access even if QB isn’t running
  • After that choose lists which are to be important from QB file into FishBowl file

Don’t get worried in case you do not have such information in QB. You can also use import feature by performing importing in Excel form. FishBowl inventory software integration composes significant features of warehouse management software and fishbowl logistics with cloud server of accounting software. Small businesses seamlessly integrating FishBowl software with QB cloud get benefited with inventory management facilities like packing lists, automatic invoice, generating inventory reports, tracking, barcode scanning, advanced manufacturing tools etc.

Via below-mentioned comparison chart one can analyze how QB with FishBowl integration is more effective in comparison to QuickBooks:

Specifications QuickBooks Without FishBowl QuickBooks With FishBowl
Warehouses NA Supports warehouse
Variable discounts & prices Amount, Percent Amount, percent, group & cost-plus pricing
Access rights for users  The only role based Both role-based and granular feature based
UPS ready shipping  Available with certain features Complete features come completely  integrated into FishBowl
Transfer Orders   NA Supported
RMA NA Supported
Remote access VPN only Any Network Connection
Pick Routing  NA Unlimited
Part Tracking Lot or serial Serial, lot & revision #’s, expiry date and custom fields

How Does it Work? & How it is Beneficial?

At last, if we’re going to conclude, among more than fifty inventory management programs, FishBowl inventory is one that completely integrates with QuickBooks and gives positive outcomes to the users. The inventory software carries out redundant nightly backups within the time period of 7 days.  QB and FishBowl software can easily be accessed from any windows, iPad or Android device anytime anywhere.

Hope, above mentioned information, is clear to you, in case of any confusion you are free to contact technical support staff making a call at QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number. A ProAdvisor support platform remains active round the clock to manage all technical & non-technical concerns related to software in an efficient manner.