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Various issues that are faced by users are- They’re not clear of exact scenario, whether they’re making money or not, tracking inventory gets a task of hassle for users due to lack of proper knowledge, Inefficient evaluation of place for a particularly saved inventory, estimation of profitable product & profitable audience. Nowadays, when everything is getting on fingertips and ways of accessing & processing all enterprise information are becoming more & more easier, then why quickbooks users should stay behind.

And when you are in point of sale business, and want to have accurate estimation of exactly what is going in your warehouses, then choosing advanced inventory methods will be always a fruitful deal. Today, you can use quickbooks not only to fulfill accounting goals, but also provides so many benefits, that small businesses can use it as a reasonable alternative to ERP system.

Other important strategy to get more enhanced results on inventory management is to integrate QuickBooks with third party inventory management apps. The fishbowl tops the list owing to its varying benefits & reduced complexities. Integration of Fishbowl has made QuickBooks Inventory Management very easy as it has all set provision to take care of client’s needs efficiently.

The unavailability of fishbowl compel users to operate manual inventory management functions using spreadsheets, however the process gets automated when it is done with fishbowl.

Tips To configure FishBowl integration with QuickBooks

  • Fishbowl server and client must be installed on server
  • Also, the same server must be hosting the quickbooks
  • Configure user in QuickBooks as a name of fishbowl that have accessibility to all areas
  • Sign in to QB product that you want to be integrated to fishbowl
  • In case quickbooks is not running, then give access by clicking option, “yes”.
  • Finally select lists which are needed to be imported from QB file to fishbowl file

When Fishbowl is integrated with QuickBooks, so many additional features and benefits gets associated with it. Through below mentioned comparative analysis, anyone can get idea of the scenario of how Fishbowl works great in inventory management.

Warehouses:  When you use quickbooks without fishbowl, then warehousing facility is not available, however the integration of Fishbowl in quickbooks makes you capable to support warehouse. Variable discounts & prices are calculated and processed on the basis of amount & percent, however fishbowl facilitates group and cost-plus pricing. Other attributable factors that prove significance of fishbowl integration with quickbooks are comparatively discussed ahead:

Features Accounting without Fishbowl integration in QuickBooks Accounting with proper Fishbowl integration in QuickBooks
User access rights Role based only Role based & granular feature based
Transfer orders Not supported Available
RMA Not supported Available
Remote Access Only virtual private network is supported Any network connection
Part tracking Based on serial or lot Lot, serial, expiry date and so many other customized fields
Pick routing Not supported Unlimited
UPS ready shipping Only some features of ups ready shipping are supported in QB without fishbowl Whole UPS features are completely integrated to fishbowl


Why Integrate Fishbowl with QuickBooks, Not Others?

To conclude benefits of fishbowl, if we come to compare it with more than fifty inventory management programs, the thorough integration & relevant outcome provided by it is second to none. It carries redundant nighty backups within seven days time period. Also, the accessibility is possible with windows, android, and mac devices.

Hope, you got an ideal of how to integrate Fishbowl Inventory in QuickBooks; In case of any confusion, or misconception, you are advised to make direct connection with our Intuit certified customer care staff via QuickBooks Phone Number. At any point of time, if some of features & steps related to inventory management & fishbowl integration are not understood to you, then valuable assistance will be at your doorstep in a quick means.