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QBO File Convert To Desktop- Requirements, limitations and Exporting Procedure

After the introduction of QuickBooks Online version, one of the most common problems that were faced by the users was related to data conversion. Various desktop versions of QuickBooks like Pro, premier, enterprise etc., use company file and other information in formats which are different from QBO. Therefore, users need to follow some guidelines for exporting and importing data from online version to desktop versions or vice versa. Understanding the significance of this process, we are describing in this blog about the process of QBO file convert to desktop and steps for exporting data as well.

If you want to move a file within QuickBooks online, then it can not be done directly. For this QuickBooks online file should be exported to desktop ( mac or windows os), and then from desktop to QBO( mac or windows).

Another important point which you need to know is that IE browser and QuickBooks both are accurately configured for allowing a successful import. Don’t skip any of the steps if you want to perform conversion successfully.

Topics that blog covers are:

“Why conversion/ export is needed?”,

“What’re export limitations”, And

“Steps to export desktop from QBO”.

If you think it is a bit confusing then you can get a clearer picture on this topic from experts at QuickBooks Online Customer Support.

What are the requirements for export?

  • Only US versions are allowed exporting into desktop version. For non-us versions, list of items is exported to excel then imported in a desktop.
  • You should have privileges of master or company admin.
  • IE 10 or higher versions, supported version of windows.
  • ActiveX is needed.

What are the limitations for export?

  • Pro, premier, or enterprise 2004 or newer versions should be installed on Windows PC
  • Export is only possible from simple start online to simple start desktop 2004 & 2005 versions-Not for 2006 or newer versions.
  • To export QBO to QB premier retail or non-profit versions, you need to change industry edition to general edition and return back again to the same after successful exporting.

Recommended Steps for processing QBO File Convert to Desktop:

 At first prepare export data

  • Open QBO company, choose gear icon-> tools-> export data
  • Read “export overview” for understanding process & choose “get started”
  • Now prepare to export window and install activeX controls
  • Choose Install ActiveX control now and click “continue” in two to three displayed pages as a confirmation.
  • Select data to export & then click continue.
  • Now, in step 3, request data page & click “continue” after reviewing how data will change.
  • Finally submit account info, “continue” & “close”.

 Then process export from QuickBooks Online

 Repeat series of following steps:

  • Select Gear icon and select option, “export data” under tools
  • Choose “get started”-> “continue”
  • Select data for exporting & continue.
  • Choose “continue to download
  • Check QB desktop version to which data is exported is open.
    • Close currently open company file before proceeding further, it is still open.
  • Select “download” & save the company file choosing a location.
  • Choose an option, “convert now” once downloading has been finished by file.
  • Now, create new QB file pop-up window, enter file name & save it to the local directory.

After that verify whether the export is successfully done. For this, run balance sheet & profit loss report to get confirmed whether numbers match. Both programs should be running reports on an accrual basis. If you come to know that reports do not match, then you need to take suggestions from customer care consultants.

Hope, going through the log, the procedure of exporting files from QBO to Desktop is well understood to you. Continue reading blogs if you want to keep yourself updated with such kind of information. Another suitable option is to make a call at toll-free QuickBooks Online Customer Support.