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Payroll Management is Made Quite Easier with Advanced QuickBooks Payroll Services. See How?

Online Payroll Software is always a comprehensive solution for handling all related tasks including salary calculation, maintaining attendance and all work related to data management. Well! Intuit offers payroll both with QuickBooks and separately. For better knowledge & information, the better option for any individual is to take quick assistance to users via QuickBooks Online Payroll. Well! Intuit provides different online payroll solutions, however, each of them shares a similar engine. There are certainly major differences which should be understood by users so that you can have a better consult with clients. In this blog, our target is to point of popular offerings.

How QuickBooks Payroll Service Offers reasonable payroll Solutions?

Intuit Online Payroll for accounts will use whatever they wish to offer payroll services for their clients but want to be able to export to any Accounting software. Intuit online services are isolated from business accounting software and it integrated with QBM, QBD, and QBO. When it comes to QuickBooks Online Payroll Pricing structure it is quite an effective manner. Let us payroll services under certain significant points.

Select Access Level

In QuickBooks, you have options of different customizations as per your need. You can choose any one of them as per your requirement. Three options are-Full, setup & payroll and payroll only. In option, “full” clients have complete access to their account. From running payroll to making payment & filling taxes. In set-up & payroll option, the user can set up set up their accounts, view reports & run payroll. You can see options in the image below:

QuickBooks Payroll Setup

You will get following that QuickBooks Online Payroll does not have:

● To Do/task list
● Pay 1099 contractor & household employees
● Export to other software
● Job costing & paycheck records
● Time clock


Below described are UI differences between Intuit Online & QuickBooks Online Payroll. The feature set is similar to what items to set up, track or save is not supported by QBO payroll. To have better knowledge about QuickBooks Online Essentials, one can make a quick phone call to experts.

Overview of Contractors & Employees

In the “employees” menu, you can have an easy and separate view of contractors & employees. In the “employees” dashboard you will see employees like the last name, first name, pay rate, pay schedule, pay method and status. In the upper right corner, you will see options to add an employee or to go to contractors.

QuickBooks Payroll

What it looks like an employee in QBO Payroll?

In QBO Employee dashboard shows employees information separately that is easily accessible. See the image below:

QuickBooks Payroll

The employee details information displays taxes, social security number, pay rate, additional pay, pay schedule and deductions. You can see the format in the image:

QuickBooks Payroll

In Intuit Online Payroll

In Intuit Online Payroll, the dashboard to creating & approving paychecks looks like the image below:

QuickBooks Payroll

See below dashboard to approve checks in the image below:

QuickBooks Payroll

In QuickBooks Online Payroll

The employee dashboard in QuickBooks online payroll looks like the image given below:

QuickBooks online Payroll


Both offerings support same reports.

In Intuit Online Payroll

See the image below to see an overview of reporting set up:

QuickBooks online payroll

In reports overview, employer and employee report elements are shown differently. Images for both sections are seen below:

QuickBooks online Payroll

In QuickBooks Online Payroll

In QB online payroll, the dashboard is seen per the image given below:

QuickBooks Online Payroll


Well! After having look towards common differences between QBO & Intuit online payroll, the conclusion ends with the same result. QuickBooks Online Payroll Service is highly acknowledged in the marketplace, therefore works with proficient QuickBooks Payroll Service. If you wish to have more efficient and accurate information about payroll, then you can join the QuickBooks Payroll Support intellectual team.