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Support On QuickBooks Payroll Setup Checklist for Desktop and Online Versions

QuickBooks has made payroll management very much easier for accounting professionals. There are so many people who are giving positive feedback when they process payroll either QB desktop and online options. In this blog, we will help you experience to create and set up the checklist for employee payment. For more enhanced results and optimized benefits, you can take help from experts making a call at QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number. Well! If you’re not able to customize employee payroll in Quickbooks and make the list optimally, in QB and QB desktop, then read the description ahead. Here, you will get the determination of all sort of information what you’ve at your fingertips for assisting the setup process with comfort.

QuickBooks Payroll Support to Set up Checklist

QuickBooks requires below described information in order to customize desktop or online account for payment processing in quite an efficient manner. In the next step, you can find information from the previous service provider. Keeping this information in your records will be quite helpful to maintain your account with all information related to federal as well as state agencies.
Well! The payroll world is very crucial and important as well. The person who has a lack of knowledge find it very difficult to play with all options. You can either perform payment processing in desktop or cloud, both ways are a bit different but provide the same results.

Create Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

Check creation in QuickBooks Desktop is quite efficient. Let’s look at some important options in desktop version:

• Easy payroll tax filing & effective job costing facility for by your own
• QB enter payroll submit hours & amount
• Enhanced desktop features of QuickBooks
• To access direct deposit feature user has to give some fees.

Create Checks in QuickBooks Online

While creating checks while processing payment in QuickBooks online, you should make sure that you have a proper record of previous payrolls & tax rates. This is required because it isn’t easy to make adjustments in qbo in comparison to the desktop version. The users who are using QuickBooks first time, then online version is a good option.

Create Checks in Inuit Online Payroll

Intuit payroll does not accept direct deposit fees, however, $2.00 monthly fees are imposed when you have one client. Clients can have own logins to process own payment when they intend to customize Intuit online payroll.


Creating a set-up checklist for payment in both desktop & online versions is an important task which should be known to every QuickBooks user. Hope, you liked the blog. If any method or technology you could not understand, then the better option is to make call us at our QuickBooks Payroll Support platform.

For such kind of information, be always in touch with us through our blogs. Seeking for the reliable source of help to create customer checklist in QB desktop, QuickBooks online and intuit online payroll? Our QuickBooks Payroll Support service will help you better.