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How to Tackle With QuickBooks File or Data Reconciliation Issues?

It does sound good, if you’re in this page, simply justifies that you’re connected to QuickBooks in any means. When we say QuickBooks, simply we get a big picture of accounting software. And everything in the mind starts moving around the accounting software, its features, versions, functions, their problems and possible solutions for the same. This accounting software is a versatile platform for small business accounting professionals for seamless management of accounting functions within the organization. When it comes to tackling technical issues, QuickBooks Phone Number is found right to offer genuine help. So, here in this blog, we are going to have a brief discussion on QuickBooks File or Data Reconciliation. If you want to have some piece of knowledge, then go ahead.

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Resolve Common Issues on Previous Reconciliation Report 

If you are getting troubled with the previous reconciliation report is seen a blank, or sometimes you still see the status of cleared transaction unclear. So, we are right here to discuss some problems related to reconciliation and the possible solutions for the same .

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 Point to Remember:

“Before proceeding towards any of the recommended solutions, you should make back up of your QuickBooks company file. It will protect your data from unwanted damage.

1. Reports Not Available 

Situation: In this condition, you couldn’t see previous reconciliation reports, options of the report and their types.

Reason: During the process of previous reconciliation, there might be corrupted QuickBooks PDF converter.


  • First of all check and make sure that you have up to date QuickBooks version
  • After that check previous reports of reconciliation without displaying as PDF file. For this,
    • Go to Reports-> Click Banking-> Previous reconciliation
    • After that click the button under the report. It signifies cleared transactions and the ability of transactions made since reconciliation.
  • In the third option, you need to repair PDF converter.

2. Blank Reports

Situation: PDF files of previous reports are generated, but certain columns are missing. 

In this case, there are three solutions.

  • In the first solution, you will have to edit the internet in acrobat reader. For this,
    • Open acrobat reader-> choose edit menu, and then preference option
    • After that select option, “internet” and uncheck the first checkbox of PDF in browser.
    • Then open reconciliation report
  • In the second solution, you should work on updating, reinstallation, and repairing of acrobat reader.
  • In the third solution, you should recreate the previous QuickBooks file or data reconciliation report. For this,

You need to go to the reconcile option in banking menu and undo the last reconciliation. If you face trouble while performing this action, then you can join our QuickBooks Support Phone Number team.

 3. Cleared transactions still saw uncleared 

Reason: It is caused when you submit future date in state date space.

Solution 1: Reconcile transactions again by undoing previous reconciliation

Solution 2: Leave reconciliation on its place, as you will see those transactions on the future date which you have submitted.

 4: Bug In reconciliation Register

 I found a bug in my reconciliation register. How can I see previously reconciled transactions again in the register? This question was posted by one of the users in the QuickBooks community. The answer is below:


It happens in the case when you have duplicate transactions.


To fix the issue, you need to delete the unreconciled transactions. The situation of duplicacy occurs when transactions are entered manually and after that downloaded from online banking.

 Conclusion- How QuickBooks expert suggestion gives positive results?

Hope, QuickBooks file or data reconciliation process is clear to you. QuickBooks Support team receives a lot of queries from the clients asking for a suggestion to sort out various reconciliation issues. You too might be the victim of such issue. At that point of time, one possible way to cope out with the issue is putting your question on the technical support page, or official community page. No doubt, there your query will reach to expert QuickBooks Support personnel.

But, it might be time taking, as the support personnel sitting there are limited and the number of Quickbooks users sending a request for support is very large. Also, in the community, no all-time the experts will be available to give you a quick reply. Don’t worry! You still have an option; Dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number, to get connected to professional, knowledgeable and technically sound pro advisors anytime. They are available 24*7, and ready always to take your call, listen carefully and respond quickly with the right answer to sort out QuickBooks File or Data Reconciliation issues.