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QuickBooks Premier Support- How to Change Company Details in Premier Version?

QuickBooks premier helps small scale organizations to maintain their financial accounts such  as payments, contributions, expense tracking, report making, invoice generation & bill payment. Automated reports, search smart, bill tracking, reports filters, multi-monitor support, enhanced inventory management and many more features of this version makes it most preferred software.

“In course of time while using accounting software of your version, have you ever lacked somewhere with your premier version?” The ratio of people giving answer in “Yes” can however be not be determined accurately, still on the basis of queries or reviewed raised by software users, the major problems with the software can be identified. Newbies have always been found struggling while using the software due to lack of appropriate knowledge. QuickBooks Premier Support is therefore a suitable alternative where users( facing specialized issues with the premier version of QuickBooks) can get relevant solution to their problems.

QuickBooks Premier Support

If you’re reading this blog, it simply means you’re in way to improve your software knowledge. Keep reading this blog ahead, if you want to know process of updating your company’s name, legal address & account management page.

A quick support on changing company’s name & legal address in QuickBooks Premier

Overview Reading this blog you will be clear enough to know the method to change address in QuickBooks Premier
Expected Outcome As an accountant you will be able to successfully update your company name & address in Quickbooks
Assumptions The implementation of steps is done keeping in consideration that you have active standard, enhanced & basic payroll subscription.


From from 1099, 940 and 941 to W-2 and W-3 require legal address & legal name of your company. ( Not only in premier, but also in pro and enterprise versions).


For editing legal name & address in QuickBooks Premier version, you need to follow steps

  • Navigate to menu, “Company”, and click, “Company Information”.
  • Check and click company information
  • Ensure correctness of legal information & do update it if required
  • Now, click ok.
  • If you use direct deposit for paying employees, then follow below mentioned steps before going ahead for running payroll:
    • Go to, “Employees” menu & click, “send payroll date”.
    • Ensure that no payroll transactions are left to be sent
    • Now click button, “send” for sending zero payroll.

Important: If you use DIY direct deposit, the error is encountered by you while updating legal address, then you need update it in account maintenance page of QuickBooks. The account management page helps you to update below mentioned details in QuickBooks Desktop: 

All payrolls except Assisted Payroll For Assisted Payroll
Bank account for direct deposit and

Information of credit card

Download forms for bank legal address & bank account change
Change contact email address & payroll admin Contact email address change or payroll administrator
Adding EIN to all payroll subscription ( basic, standard and enhanced) Changing payroll pin

 Requirements for updating account management page:

  • User should have access to quickbook desktop and active subscription of payroll through an internet connection
  • Service key is already entered in QuickBooks desktop for activating payroll subscription

How to update payroll service for account info?

  • Select, “employees”->”my payroll service”->, “account or billing info”
  • Next, sign in your Intuit account and choose information which you need to update.

Hope, the description is clear to you. In case of doubt, or misconception, you can choose another alternative i.e. taking help from QuickBooks officials, just contacting them via QuickBooks Customer Service Number. They’re intuit certified, learned and acquainted with the most suitable methods to sort out the most common and even specialized issues with the accounting software.