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In the current scenario, it is essential for every businessman to run a small business successfully. If you are a business person-An owner of a growing company, then you will surely be looking for optimizing the bill management in QuickBooks Online. Reading this blog step by step you will know the exact procedure to manage bills in QBO. For better understanding & to clear the concept well, QuickBooks Support Number can be a better option for help. You can also use QuickBooks live chat option for better assistance. By the way, we are discussing all basic & conceptual information related to bill generation in QBO.

QuickBooks Intuit has provision to ease the bill management process with the help of management utility. If you will go through this simplified guide, then you can effectively manage bills:

● Submit & receive a bill
● After that submit payment, either payment or full
● Configure payment reminders for future bills
● Recheck & review financial statements after new transactions
● Create different accounts where cash amounts will be recorded
● Other than this, if you’re willing to create expense account, then choose an option, “list” and “chart of accounts” section in the same menu.
● Next, click option, “new” under account alternative on next window.
● Select expense type of account & then click option, “continue” in the menu of new account window.

If steps aren’t clear to you, then you can get instant assistance from experts at QuickBooks Support Number.

Points to Remember:

1. You should consider the name & information of the record and then save it. You can understand it with an example. Its simple-You can easily create electricity bill expense account with the precise description such as, ” expenses of electricity bills are given here”.
2. For better results, you can set-up multiple investment accounts, depending on your needs.

Let’s point out some additional information related to customization of bill payment.

QuickBooks Online Support-Submitting & Receiving Bills In QBO System

● For submitting accounts payable in QB, you just need to
● Choose, “enter bills”->click options, “suppliers”.
● After that, choose supplier, terms & dates of bill & due payment.
● Next after, choose expense account from the drop-down menu that gives brief information about the bill.
● Finally, submit specific amount with tax rate & click “save & close” option.

For paying free online QuickBooks bills, you can either make payments using expense form or the ability of printing checks form available in the application. You can also use “ for generating auto bill pay method.

Areas Where QB Immediately Completes Bill Payment Form

Account– User can set up the primary account in QuickBooks by default. For instance, if you own multiple accounts, then you will have the option to select a specific account for making payment.
Reference No- In this segment, next check number application is allocated.

Amounts– Application assumes payment that is likely to be made is full. You can also enter any other amount if you’re thinking of making the partial payment. To have more details on this topic, make calls at QuickBooks Support Number.

Outstanding Transaction– This facility is available for some suppliers. You can proceed with payment by checking or unchecking the box in the bill.

Conclusion: As this blog discusses a simple procedure of managing bills in Quickbooks online. Expect, all information in the blog will resolve your queries. By the way, if any kind of query rises in your mind, or you want to get the right solution to your question, then we recommend you to contact our experts at QuickBooks Phone Number.

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