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The desktop version of QuickBooks by Intuit is reliable, therefore the parent company of QuickBooks(Intuit) is rolling back its attention towards the desktop versions. In the upcoming 2019 version of QuickBooks Accounting Software, you will see a lot of enhancements, particularly provisioned to enhance user experience. QuickBooks Support team gave focus on overhauling the existing features so that overall workflow & functionality can be improved. You will get the estimation of some major changes in the desktop version, after reading the blog carefully. Other than this, QuickBooks Support Phone Number can also be a genuine source of online help on this chapter.

By the way, following considerable changes which are likely to appear in QB desktop versions are discussed below:

Comparatively reliable sick & vacation time tracking than before

Users can get the facility of this feature only in the case when they have active payroll subscription. One of the biggest complaints behind it was that there was to a suitable mechanism to track overpay of employees. As per new updates, the user can get a warning message when the employee has utilized most of the sick time.

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The new pay stub format for tracking sick leaves makes visible accrued used, available & current options. With it, employees get clearance of the scenario that is what they have available.

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A valuable enhancement in Inventory management

Working heavily in inventory, most often users have to encounter the issue, where the balance sheet is not matched with the summary report of an inventory item.

Inventory item summary does not list inactive items, however, the inventory total will include inactive items made visible on a complete balance sheet. User finds it very difficult to track down. In case, you want to mark any inventory item as inactive in condition when it has quantity or value on hand balance, then an error message will be seen as shown below:

A valuable enhancement in Inventory management

Introduction of new inventory valuation summary report feature makes visible the inventory items which user has inactivated.

Improvements in Invoice Tracker

This feature for bringing improvement in invoice tracker was previously available in the online version. Now, as per enhancement in the year 2019, it is also introduced in the desktop version. Two major significances of invoice tracker improvements are described below:

Tracking status of an invoice which has been emailed-Know when an invoice is viewed so you can take it’s follow up accordingly.

Consolidated snapshot– In spite of navigating towards more than one screens, you can click snapshot history.

Improvements in Invoice Tracker

Credit transfers for jobs & customers-Saves too much time of a user

This feature is helpful for applying credit memos of all jobs. In previous versions in an application of specific applied job, it was compulsory to create credit memos. Make sure that a new account called “account for credit transfer” is created for performing the task.

Apart from these three important highlights of QB desktop version, there is some major point of consideration that should be understood by every user. Yes! The introduction of an online version of QuickBooks made it a bit confusing scenario for the small business users. Most of the people have a misconception that it is the replacement of a desktop version, but it is not true completely.

Here are some tips which will be helpful to clear your misconceptions & doubts related to Quickbooks desktop:

A desktop version is still alive-The official announcement by Intuit says, new enhancements are to be done in the version to make it more user-friendly.
It has bank feeds-Previously it was only available in QBO, now desktop version also has bank feeds.
● It can also be accessed anytime from anywhere. For this, you need to add a hosting package, to you access all your QB desktop data remotely from any location.
● Service industries claim online version best, however, production & retail companies consider desktop version helpful not the QBO.
● It is an excellent account management platform for construction industries
● Inventory tracking in QB desktop is also considered as very cost-effective

Hope, working with QuickBooks 2019 version is going to be very helpful for you in terms of leave management, inventory tracking, and credit transferring. For intellectual support and professional guidance, you can keep in touch with us via QuickBooks Support Number. Also, any kind of technical concern or accounting assistance can be availed under the professional guidance of expert consultants here.